Rhythm Bells

Discover the calming effect of rhythmic jingle bells on your horse

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Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
  • Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
  • Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
  • Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
  • Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
  • Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

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* Plastic Bead Colour Choices:

* Include Bells:

* Length of Rhythm Bells Necklace:

* Add a Mane Clip:

* Add a Tail Clip:

* Include Names In Letter Beads on Key Ring:

Add TWO Names (Your Name / Horse Name):

Notes (e.g. I'd like mainly blue with some white):

🌳 Designs Your Own Rhythm Beads With a Tree of Life Pendant 🌳 

 Choose whether you want a horse necklace, mane clip, tail clip with your own coorinating bracelet and necklace

Why not choose your own coordinated Rhythm Bells set? 
Simply, choose your base colours and we'll create the set for you. Add your name and best friend's name too! If you'd prefer to not have bells, then please let us know
Rhythm Bells are perfect for the spooky horse to focus and concentrate on whilst schooling or cantering and now you can have your bespoke set in the colours of your choice
The jingling bells warn birds and animals you are approaching whilst out hacking and stay out of the way and reduce the chance of spooking your horse


Size: Let us know the size (use our measuring guide)
Bead Colours: Choose between 3 and 5 colours
Glitter Beads: Let us know if you'd like some coordinated glitter beads
Bells: Includes 6 bells (optional)
Charm: Tree of Life
Chain Length: 20cm
Hair Clips: Included to attach to mane or tail
Toggle Clasp: Included to allow length adjustment
Safety Release Clasp: included on all necklaces

 ✨ About Rhythm Bells ✨

🐴 Great for spooky horses
🕊️ Warn wildlife you're approaching
🎶 Listen to the beat in trot & canter
📿 Necklace & Mane Clip Optional
💠 Tree of Life
🎵 6 jingling bells
⛓️ Safety connector
📏 Adjustable Length Toggle
🏇 Mane Hair Clip


🌈Would you like Rhythm Bells in a different colour combination? then please feel free to message

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