Rhythm Bells

Discover the calming effect of rhythmic jingle bells on your horse

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Measuring & Care

rhythm bells measure the driveline around your horses neck🐴 How to measure your horse and pony for Rhythm Bells 🐴

Simply measure along the 'drive line' with a tape measure or string. The 'drive line' runs from the base of the neck.

Safety feature

The Rhythm Bells also have a safety barrel clasp to act as a quick release to ensure the safety of your horse in case the necklace becomes entangled on an object

Hair Clip

Most of our Rhythm Bells include a hair clip to attach to the mane to prevent slipping and to secure safely to your horse and pony


Most or our Rhythm Bells are adjustable with a chain and lobster clasp or with a toggle 

rhythm bells measure and size guide📏 Approximate sizes 📏

(all have an adjustment chain with lobster clasp to get the perfect fit for your pony / horse)
⚬ XS - Shetland - 120cm to 135cm
◽ S - Pony - 130 to 145cm
◯‍ M - Cob - 140 to 155cm
⚪ L - Full - 150cm to 165cm
⬜ XL - Extra Full - 160 - 175cm



How to measure your "Oh Shoot" neck straps

rhythm bells oh shoot oh crap strasp measurements guide

Measure along the driveline and choose your neck strap from the list below

(all measurements are approximate and are the internal dimensions of the strap)

⚬ XS - Shetland - 122cm
◽ S - Pony - 132cm
◯‍ M - Cob - 142cm
⚪ L - Full - 152cm
⬜ XL - Extra Full - 162cm

Please note, there is no quick release on the Oh Shoot Straps so please only use these in places your horse or pony cannot get caught up!



rhythm bells saddle straps and grab strapsSaddle Strap Measurements

Saddle straps attach to the D-Ring on your saddle. There are two standard sizes but we can make them to the length you need.

Measure the total length of the strap you would like, including the clips. Ensure you curve the measure to ensure it can be grabbed bby the rider


Small: 20cm
Large: 30cm

 Please note, there is no quick release on the Saddle Straps so please only use these in places your horse or pony cannot get caught up!


🧽 Care of your neck straps and accessories🧽

We use paracord and nylon cord for our necklaces which are strong and durable. Where possible we use acrylic and plastic beads along with beads and charms, where possible we choose steel or sliver. The bells may rust (though this will not effect their jingling sound) so it is important to dry them out thoroughly. The Rhythm Bells can be washed in a mild detergent and left to dry thoroughly before storing

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