Rhythm Bells

Discover the calming effect of rhythmic jingle bells on your horse

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History of Rhythm Bells

american indian bells for their horsesHistory of Rhythm Bells

Jingling bells and beads have been used for many centuries across the world. Americans Indians have adorned their horses with bells around their neck for many generations along with feathers, shells and charms. Warriers would tie up the tail and mane to prevent the enemy from grabbing hold or dragging him from the horse. Horses would be painted with symbols of war such as arrows, stripes and hand prints to intimidate the opponents and represent their victory.
Bells have been used on chariots and carriages to warn pedestrians in busy Victorian streets to holiday makers in the sun, that their horses were approaching. Sleighs being pulled make very little sound and bells act as a useful warning in blizzards and snow storms.
These days bells are a traditional reminder of Christmas activities and songs but of course Rhythm Bells, today, act as a wise warning for wildlife as you are approaching with your horses or as a calming influence for your nervous horse. But what we love the most, is listening to how the pace of the horse shakes those bells into rhythmic patterns at work, trot and canter but as well as those gaits are extended.

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