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Discover the calming effect of rhythmic jingle bells on your horse

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alvahorse kit horse armatherapy healthcare and grooming naturalWe are delighted to announce we have teamed up with AlvaHorse - aromatherapy healthcare and grooming products for horses. A natural solution with amazing results. Based on essential oils and aloe vera, these products will not disappoint! To keep up to date, then follow our facebook page 

The Health Care Range

Our health care range can help maintain animal health and happiness. We use the best and highest quality Essential Oils, Aloe Vera and Welsh Clay to tackle many common problems that cause issues with dogs and horses. Our cleverly formulated products do not use insecticides or pesticides in any of our horse or dog products so a very kind to your furry friends and the environment

The Showing and Grooming Range

Our superb show and grooming range for horses and dogs have been specifically formulated to help meet your expectations for turnout, showing and competitions and of course those demanding judges!

Healthcare includes:

AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo

AlvaSweet Itch Controller

AlvaShield Fly & Insect Repellent

AlvaBarrier Mud & Rain Protector

AlvaMiracle Cream for minor wounds, cuts and grazes

AlvaMassage for muscle and joint relief (great for hoomans too!)

alvahorse miracle cream at healthyanimals

Grooming includes:

AlvaNeem Conditioning Shampoo

AlvaSparkle Conditioning Coat Gloss

AlvaGleam The Ultimate Coat Gloss

AlvaDazzle Mane, Tail & Feather Conditioner

AlvaDazzle Eye & Muzzle Highlighter

alvahorse grooming product aromatherapy

Visit our website www.healthyanimals.co.uk and our Facebook Page @aromatherapyforanimalhealth

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