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The benefits of a neck strap

neck straps for horses for all ridersHold your horses ;)

A neck strap gives you an added level of stability when riding at whatever speed. We obviously, avoid pulling on our horses mouth with the reins and an added neck strap can be a very useful addition to your tack

A neck strap lies around your horse's driveline.

Neck straps are used professionally and seen in all evening disciplines but this is a useful tool for all riders from the nervous to trainers to the professional. 

From the beginner to the elite rider

Nervous riders can use a neck strap as an additional balance aid

Neck straps support your balance and encourage steady riding positions

Neck straps aid the motion whilst jumping and stop you pulling back on the mouth upon landing

Neck straps are very useful in an emergency if a horse spooks, bolds, spins from being scared or flighty

We strongly suggest always riding with a neck strap, whether it is a tradition leather strap, our paracord neck straps or beaded with and without bells

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