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Bridleless Riding With a Paracord Neck Strap

rhythm bells oh shoot oh crap straps for ponie horses saddles 2We know the benefits of using our leg aids and it seems every ridden session I ride my horse I work on leg yields with the aim of reducing the dependence on the bridle

Bridleless riding is not for the faint hearted and definitely not for you if you don't have enough control over your horse or he doesn't understand leg aids. Our neck straps are a super and stylish way to start your bridless riding, you can also choose beaded options too

Bridleless Riding

There are many benefits to bridleless riding

    • Reduce the dependence on your reins - allows you to ride your horse from the front to the back, your horse will be able to move forward and less likely to challenge you
    • Mouth problems - how many times have you tried to find the right bit for you horse? it can be a minefield - too strong and your horse will resist and become tenes. We want your horse to be relaxed and trust you

Start with simple exercises

    • Find a safe space (arena or paddock with fences)
    • Walk in straight and curved lines
    • Master walk before trotting or cantering

Tips for bridleless riding with your neck strap

    • Only start bridleless riding when your horse is ready
    • Start with your bridle and let the reins rest on your horse's neck (use them if you need them)
    • Use a gentle hand for a few seconds at a time (you dont have to hold them constantly
    • Keep the neck strap on the driveline (avoid the strap rising towards the throat)
    • Use your body to move with your horse's movement
    • Keep notice of your horse's body language

Remember to be safe and it can take years of practice to master bridleless riding

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