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NEW PRODUCT: Oh Shoot Neck Strap

oh shoot and oh crap straps for nervous or anxious riders ponies and horsesSupport for you and your horse

Nervous or inexperienced ponies and horses that can easily bolt, you may need an extra riding aid. With the benefit of an 'Oh Shoot' Strap',  you can ride in confidence, regain your balance and stay calm whilst not pulling on your horse's mouth.

♥ Young horse ♥ Flighty Pony ♥ Nervous Rider ♥

Are you a young rider or just returning to riding, a neck strap is a super aid to help your confidence?

The ' Oh Shoot Strap' improves your balance whilst not pulling on your horse's mouth

♥ Love natural horsemanship ♥

These neck straps are perfect for liberty training and riding and as balance aid.

oh shoot strap oh crap strap ponies horse neck safetyIf your horse is pretty standard then just specify one of the following or let us know your horse's driveline measurements

X Small: Shetland 126cm

Small: Pony 136cm

Medium: Cob 146cm

Large: Full 156cm

X Large: X Full 166cm

Made from strong paracord: 6 lengths in each braid pattern

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