Rhythm Bells

Discover the calming effect of rhythmic jingle bells on your horse

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Rhythm and Gait

rhythm beads benefits for the riderWalk, trot and Canter

As you ride the jingling bells find a rhythmic beat. As you change the gait, the rhythm changes and adapts. Not only you as the rider, but also your horse, listens and focuses on the bells, helping to find rhythm and build a partnership. The rhythm helps improve timing and confidence

Horse gaits can be categorised into two groups: natural and ambling. Natural gaits occur in nearly all horses without training to develop a pattern of movement. These "natural" gaits:

  • Walk
  • Trot
  • Canter 
  • Gallop

With the help of our Rhythm Bells you will hear the beat and change the speed

The walk is a comfortable four beat gait with three feet on the ground and one hoof raised. 

The trot is a two beat gait where the rhythm can easily be changed and the rider can rise to the rhythm

The canter is an asymmetrical gait where there is left lead or right lead. The distinct three beat rhythm is followed by a rest and repeated

The gallop is a four beat gait where all four feet leave the ground

Enjoy listening to the rhythm of your horse!

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